A spearhead in medical science

The largest biobank for family saving of stem cells in Scandinavia. The biobank is approved by Swedish authorities and is an important part of the global stem cell research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents to save the stem cells from their newborn baby - for the baby, the family and the potential future medical use.

Our Vision

We want all expectant parents to be aware of that birth is an uniqe opportunity to save stem cells. The stem cells are collected after the baby has been born and the umbilical cord is cut, no intervention is needed, we simply use a rest product.

We believe that cell therapy will play an important role in the future healthcare and future medical treatments. We consider the access to your personal stem cells very valuable. In parallel to the establishment of the biobank for family savings of stem cells, we are also conducting stem cell research and developing stem cell therapies.


The History Of Cellaviva

The story behind Cellaviva AB starts with Mathias Svahn, a doctoral student in gene therapy and expectant father. In 2006, Mathias was still a PhD student and was expecting his first child together with his wife.

Today, 2018, umbilical cord blood stem cells have been used to treat about 80 difficult diseases, such as leukemia and rare hereditary blood disorders. About 40,000 umbilical cord blood transplants have been carried out in the world. And internationally, families have been offered the opportunity to save stem cells from newborns, for a long very time. But in 2006, it did not exist in Sweden, the only solution for Mathias was to collect and store stem cells by himself.

When he heard that one of his lab colleagues recently worked at a foreign stem cells clinic, he asked him to share the knowledge about how the collection and freezing should be done. Then he defied his fear of needles and brought the equipment to the maternity clinic. After the baby was born, Mathias hurried to the lab to prepare the blood for the next 8 hours while his wife and daughter took to a patient hotel.

"The purpose of saving stem cells is not the saving itself. But rather saving them to be able to use them in the future. And my hope has always been to participate in the process of developing new treatments”, says Mathias Svahn.

The incentive to inform other parents about the potential of stem cells from the placenta and the dream of helping them grew. In 2014 he founded Cellaviva, along with Edward Smith, Hans-Peter Ekre and Lena Degling Wikingsson with financial support from Diamyd Medical. With a mission to increase parents’ awareness about stem cells and the possibility to save them for the future.


The Management Team

The founders and leaders of Cellaviva are experienced stem cell researchers and doctors. We act in close cooperation with the authorities, health professionals and medical research. Our employees have a long and unique experience from cell therapy.

Mathias Svahn


Mathias Svahn is a founder and the chief executive officer of Cellaviva, he has the overall responsibility. Mathias has a Ph.D. in molecular cell biology from Karolinska Institutet, M.Sc. in molecular biotechnology from Uppsala University and postgraduate studies at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. He has experience from the health care business as Medical Manager and has also managed the coordination of major academic projects at KI, Karolinska Institutet

Edvard Smith


Chief Medical Officer Edvard Smith is one of the founders of Cellaviva and medically responsible for the company. He is a specialist in clinical immunology since 1984. Since 2000 he is also professor of molecular genetics at the Karolinska Institutet and senior physician at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. Edvard’s main research area is hereditary immunodeficiency diseases. He established the first unit of the gene and, later, cell therapy medicinal products in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) at the Karolinska Institute. Since its inauguration in 1996, he has been Medical Director. Edvard also founded and ran the cell therapy company Avaris AB, which developed projects into clinical development. In addition, he has published over 400 scientific articles.

Sofie Falk Jansson


Sofie Falk Jansson is responsible for developing and implementing the commercial strategy at Cellaviva. This includes all external communication and contacts with representatives from press, as well as, partners and customers. Sofie is also in charge of the development of our product portfolio, brand and the service offered to our customers.

Healthcare Professionals

Cellavivas team of healthcare professionals are experts in the collection of stem cells and are available around the clock for our customers. They are responsible for the collection of stem cells in the greater Stockholm region, customer support, answering questions from parents who wish to collect their child’s stem cells at birth. They are also responsible for the stem cell collection training of the staff in maternity clinics as well as the midwives working in the maternity care. Cellaviva is always looking for more healthcare professionals to be able to offer our collection services at more locations. Please contact us if you are interested.

Sofi "Fia" Larsson

Healthcare Professional and Stem Cell Collector

Fia is a nurse with several years of experience in the profession. In the recent years she has worked with maternity care at BB Stockholm and prior to that worked in elderly care.

Sara Olsson

Healthcare Professional and Stem Cell Collector

Sara is a midwife with several years of experience in the profession. The last 11 years she has worked with maternity care at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna.

Eva Dahlström

Healthcare Professional and Stem Cell Collector

Eva is a nurse with several years of experience in the profession. The last 6 years she has worked with maternity care at BB Stockholm.

Marianne "Majsan" Norman

Healthcare Professional and Stem Cell Collector

Majsan is a nurse with several years of experience in the profession. The last 10 years she has worked with maternity care at BB Stockholm.

Henriette Madsen


Jeg er en af Cellavivas jordemødre og jeg brænder for at gøre dit graviditetsforløb så trygt og godt som muligt. Jeg har stor erfaring på næsten alle områder indenfor mit fag og ikke mindst med opsamling af stamceller. Jeg brænder for at udbrede kendskabet til muligheden for opbevaring af stamceller ved dit barns fødsel, da jeg ser stamcelleforskningen i en revolution, alle gravide i Danmark skal have mulighed for at tage stilling til.


Jeg elsker mit arbejde jordemoder og vil gøre alt for, at du kommer trygt igennem graviditet, fødsel og barsel. Jeg fortæller dig gerne om alt du har brug for i forbindelse med din graviditet samt om stamceller fra navlesnoren. Hvad stamcellerne fra dit barns navlesnor kan bruges til, hvordan de opsamles og alt andet du vil vide om dette. Jeg vil glæde mig til at tage telefonen, hvis du ringer for at vide mere om hvad vi kan hjælpe med på 89 88 02 88.

Mianne Christensen


Mianne er ansvarlig for Cellavivas landsdækkende team af jordemødre, som varetager opsamlingerne af stamceller ved fødslerne. Mianne har arbejdet med gravide og fødende i en årrække og har derudover års erfaring i arbejdet med opsamling af stamceller og kontakten til kommende forældre som overvejer eller har besluttet sig for at sikre at familien har deres eget depot af stamceller til mulig behandling i fremtiden.

"Cellaviva er for mig indbegrebet af etik, nærhed, kvalitet og professionalisme. Jeg var derfor ikke i tvivl, da jeg fik mulighed for, sammen med Cellaviva, at give kommende forældre i hele Danmark mulighed for på få opsamlet og opbevaret stamceller ved fødslen. Jeg håber på jeg kan være med til at udbrede information om stamceller fra navlesnoren, så alle kommende forældre, på et velinformeret grundlag, kan tage stilling til om de ønsker på gøre denne investering til familiens fremtid ".

Email: mianne.christensen@cellaviva.dk

Telefon: 89 88 02 88