The stem sell revolution is now

There are thousands of studies going on, with the goal of finding new ways to treat today incurable diseases with stem cells. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral pares, autism, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and many more.

Why newborn Stem Cells Matter

It is custom for the partner to cut the umbilical cord in Sweden. By cutting one more time and thus cutting of a piece of the cord, he or anyone else, would have done a stem cell collection. In contrast to what many people think, the collection of stem cells is a simple procedure that can be done by the partner or any person supporting the mother at childbirth. In addition, the blood that is left in the cord and placenta can also be collected by trained personnel since the blood contains another stem cell type.

All the cells in your body are derived from a single stem cell, the fertilized egg. Stem cells are the building blocks of the body and they have unique attributes that can repair diseased or damaged tissue. The most common use of the family saved stem cells from cord blood is treatment of a sibling with leukemia. Stem cells from cord tissue are of great interest for regenerative medicine purposes and therapies are under development.

When your child is born and the umbilical cord is cut, Cellaviva can help you to save the stem cells that remain in the cord tissue and cord blood. The collection is done without any intervention, we take care of a waste product. The stem cells are safely stored in liquid nitrogen in the family’s own box in the freezer, saved for your family and future.

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How it works

The process of using Cellaviva

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About Stem Cells

About stem cells and how the process of collecting and analysing works

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Family Saving

About stem cells treatments and the potential they provide for treating several diseases.

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How stem cells are treated and used by Cellaviva


Everything you need to collect the stem cells of your newborn baby is included in the Cellavivabox, which is ordered from the Cellaviva web shop. Bring your Cellavivabox to the delivery room when it's time to give birth.


When the baby is born and after the cord has been cut, the umbilical cord tissue and/or the cord blood can be collected. The collection process is painless and safe for you and your baby. Making use of a rest product.


Cellaviva takes full responsibility for the process including the analysis and freezing of the stem cells in our bio bank. Cellaviva is the only stem cell bank holding a license from the The Health and Social Care Inspectorate in Sweden (IVO).


It is expensive to isolate stem cells, therefore most stem cell banks choose to freeze small pieces of umbilical cord tissue instead of freezing stem cells from the tissue. That is not how Cellaviva work.

The stem cells are stored in safe storage for the family and the future. Saving stem cells from your newborn baby is a simple, safe and secure 6 steps process.

Order & Collect
Cellaviva Box
Bring the box to
the delivery
Collect the
Stem Cells
The Cells are
taken to the Lab
Stem Cells are
analyzed and frozen
Store for
the future

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”Det känns bra att kunna säkra att vårt lilla barn har tillgång till sina egna stamceller eftersom de kan komma att göra stor skillnad i framtiden.” - Ylva

”När våra barn föddes ville jag verkligen ta vara på deras stamceller men det visade sig vara omöjligt i Sverige då. Att nu kunna erbjuda nyblivna föräldrar att spara sina barns stamceller känns fantastiskt.” - Mathias