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A family saving of stem cells at Cellaviva is diveded in 3 steps; (1) Ordering the Cellaviva box, (2) Collection and analysis and (3) Storage.

1. Ordering of the Cellaviva box

Family saving of stem cells from begins with ordering of a Cellaviva box. The Cellaviva box will be delivered in five days from completed order. When it's time to give birth, bring the Cellaviva box to the hospital. The box contains all the equipment needed to collect the stem cells and send them by courier to the laboratory for analysis and freezing. You will find complete terms and conditions below.

2. Collection and analysis

Collection of the stem cells is done after the baby is born. When the collection is completed, the stem cells are as placed in the Cellaviva box, along with the signed copy of the collection documentation and the blood sample from the mother. Cellaviva is contacted and  will book the courier transport to the laboratory.

3. Storage

After the stem have been analysed and has passed the quality requirements they are frozen and stored in Cellaviva's biobank. The agreement is available for download below.


Purchase at cellaviva.se

Cellaviva sells only to private individuals. You can order safely and easily via our website, by phone: 08-735 20 10, or by e-mail:order@cellaviva.se. You can always change your order or make a cancellation. All products are adapted to the Scandinavian market.

Customer service

We care about our customers and want you to feel safe to shop with us. Our customer service will help you with any questions regarding our offer or purchase. We will charge no extra charges for any telephone contact. Should any problem arise in connection with your purchase, we will always try to solve it with you in the best possible way. We will follow recommendations from The National Board for Consumer Disputes if any case occur.

Prices and payment

All prices at cellaviva.se include VAT. You can choose from the following payment options when ordered by the Cellaviva box: Invoice Credit Card (PayEx) For collection and analysis as well as for storage, we send invoices. For more information and terms of payment, see §5 Payment in the terms of purchase.

Delivery time

Our products are delivered in cooperation with logistics partners to the address you provided when ordering. We ship orders during weekdays. For your safety, we offer you the opportunity to track shipment. The package is delivered within 2-5 weekdays in cooperation with DHL.

Free shipping

We offer free delivery. More information and terms of delivery can be found under  §7 Delivery in the terms of purchase.

14 days of right of withdrawal

You always have 14 days of withdrawal, from receiving your ordered products. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, please contact us by e-mail at: order@cellaviva.se or by telephone: 08-735 20 10. More information and conditions regarding the right of withdrawal can be found under §8 Right of withdrawal and repurchase in the terms of purchase.


You always have three years of right of claim. The right of complaints covers original defects and gives you as a customer free return to us. If you find an error in a product you purchased from us, you should contact us as soon as possible by e-mail: order@cellaviva.se or by phone: 08-735 20 10. For more information and conditions regarding complaints, see §9 Complaint and warranty in the terms of purchase.


When returning products or materials to us, the products must be packed in such a way that they are protected during transport. We recommend that you pack products in the same way as when delivered to you and using a traceable shipping method when returning. Return with prepaid return shipping note To return products with a prepaid return ticket, please contact us. Return of the Cellaviva box costs 750 SEK including VAT (with the exception of return due to an approved complaint). More information and terms of return can be found under section §10 Returns in the terms of purchase.


We will ensure that data provided or data submitted at purchase or any conact with us is processed safely. Therefore, we only cooperate with serious payment partners to protect you as a customer. When you make a purchase, your information will be stored and processed in digital and written format. We are responsible for ensuring that the data is stored and processed safely in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

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§1 General information

These terms of purchase ("the Agreement" below) are adapted for internet sales (distance trading). Cellaviva, a subsidiary to NextCell Pharma, (Organization Number: 556965-8361) is the selling party. The Buying Party is referred to as the "Customer" in this Agreement. The terms of the Agreement are adapted for sale to individuals who are over 18 years of age in Sweden and for the sale of goods ("products" below).

You as a customer can easily make an order at https://www.cellaviva.se ("Website" below) as well as by phone or e-mail.

The provisions of this agreement are not applicable to purchase agreements concluded before June 13, 2014. To increase clarity, a date tag is in the header. If the terms of the Agreement have been changed, an end date will also be specified. If the closing date is specified, the Agreement will apply until. 00:00 the date on which the Agreement expires. You as a customer are given the opportunity to accept these terms in connection with your order.

Terms or parts thereof in this Agreement that deviate from mandatory legislation are ineffective in so far as the deviation is not for the benefit of the customer. This provision applies only if the customer is a private person and that the purchase concerns private consumption.

Other agreements Purchases of certain products may result in additional agreements ("other agreements" below). Other agreements may incur obligations for you as a customer, such as payment obligations or credit agreements. Information about other agreements and terms for these is clearly stated on the respective product page. You as a customer approve the other agreements in connection with the signing of this agreement.

§2 Ordering

At Cellaviva AB you order products easily and conveniently. We offer secure payment options and secure deliveries. Cellaviva AB receives your order when you click the "Submit Order" button at the checkout (step 3 of 3). By clicking the "Send order" button, you as a customer accept payment responsibility for your order. When Cellaviva AB has received your order, you will receive the e-mail "Order Confirmation Cellaviva" to the e-mail address you provided when you ordered. Cellaviva AB also offers customers ordering by phone: 08-735 20 10 or by e-mail to:order@cellaviva.se. We also give you as a customer the opportunity to make a quick order through our guest box without having to create a customer profile with login https://www.cellaviva.se. When you click the "Send Order" button, this Agreement ends.

Shop safely with the right to change your order If you change your mind, you will also be able to change your order. To change order, contact our support. Change of order must be announced before ordering is packed.

Shop safely with the right to cancel If you regret you, we will cancel your order. To make a cancellation, contact our support. Cancellation must be announced before ordering is packed.

§3 Prices and fees

Prices are quoted in Swedish kronor (SEK) including of VAT according to current tax rates. VAT for taxable products is charged by 25%.

Fee for unpaid shipment If you as a customer would not collect your order in the manner agreed upon, we charge a fee of 750 SEK including VAT. The fee is necessary to cover the shipping and handling costs that arise. Note that if you do not receive or collect a shipment, it does not seem that you have notified that you have regretted your purchase. For more information see §8. Right of withdrawal and repurchase below.

Fee for prepaid Return Fee When using prepaid return shipping bills, a fee of 750 SEK is charged including VAT.

Offers Offers and promotions promoted on the website are valid as long as the stock is sufficient if no other terms are reported in connection with the offer.

§4 Products and assortment

All products offered on the website are adapted for use on the Swedish market. This means, among other things, that the products comply with Swedish environmental and safety regulations. Normally, instructions for use are included in Swedish if required for the use of the product. Any technical specifications, special requirements for accessory equipment, and information on constraints and seals may be found on the respective product page to the extent that it is reasonable or by law.

§5 Payment

Invoice payment Cellaviva AB offers customers the payment of invoices with 20 days payment time, an invoice fee is added. If payment is not received, a reminder fee of SEK 60 and a default interest rate of 8% will be added. At the time of purchase, a normal credit check is made, which may in some cases involve a credit information on the customer. If the customer is a private individual or individual trader, a request copy is sent to the customer by mail. In case of invoice payment, the customer's data will be stored and handled for the purpose of performing customer analysis, identification, credit checking.

Credit Card payment with Payex Cellaviva AB offers card payment through our payment partner Payex, which is authorized by PCI DSS certification. Your card details are transferred and stored securely in encrypted form. The customer's card is charged when Cellaviva AB handles the customer's orders. Credit Card payment is possible with the following card types:

- MasterCard

§6 Fullfillment

This agreement starts when you click the "Send Order" button at the checkout. Cellaviva AB has completed its part of this agreement when you have received full delivery of ordered products in your possession. You as a customer have completed your part of this agreement when you have paid full payment and received delivery of ordered products as agreed.

§7 Delivery

Products are delivered directly to the address you provided when ordering, alternatively via agent in cooperation with our logistics partners. Cellaviva AB sends orders during weekdays.

Shipping costs Cellaviva AB offers free delivery.

Delivery time If the delivery times listed below are not applicable to a purchase and if a delivery period is not specifically agreed outside this agreement, Cellaviva AB undertakes to deliver delivery without undue delay, but within 30 days of the conclusion of the agreement. In case the customer is to pay in advance, Cellaviva AB reserves the right to wait for payment before delivery begins.

Delivery times are given below. If the order includes products that are out of stock, the order will be shipped.

MyPack in cooperation with DHL (Standard Freight) MyPack is delivered within 2-5 weekdays from the day the order was sent from Cellaviva AB's warehouse. You will be notified when you can retrieve the package from your agent. If you have selected SMS notification, you will be notified when the shipment can be retrieved from the agent. MyPack should be collected within 14 days from the date of notification. If a delivery is returned to Cellaviva AB, as a customer you will be charged a recovery fee of 300 kr including VAT. MyPack is a traceable shipping option.

Delivery with rural letter carrier If your shipping address is along rural letter carrier lines, delivery time may be extended with 1 weekend-free weekday.

Delivery Delay If a delivery delay occurs, you have the right to terminate this agreement free of charge. In the event that the purchase intended for a product to be customized, manufactured or purchased in accordance with the customer's wishes and Cellaviva AB can´t recover the product without significant loss, the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase only if the purpose of the purchase is lost due to the delay and Cellaviva AB realized or should have realized this.

Transport Risk The risk of shipment is transferred to you as a customer when it has been handed over to you. This means that Cellaviva AB is responsible for the transport risk until the shipment reaches you.

§8 Right of withdrawal and repurchase

Withdrawal Policy Customers who agree to this agreement as a private person are entitled to withdraw from the agreement in accordance with Law (2005: 59) for distance contracts and agreements outside business premises. The right of withdrawal is not applicable to customers who entered into this agreement as a trader. The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days (withdrawal period), the time is counted from the date on which you as a customer have received delivery. The right of withdrawal entitles the customer to investigate the goods and return them in case the customer regrets his purchase. Once the customer has returned his purchase, he or she has the right to recover what he has paid, provided that the customer has not used the products. When using the right of withdrawal, the customer shall notify Cellaviva AB and then return all products that the order covers to Cellaviva AB without undue delay, but no later than 14 days. On return, the customer must pay the return charge. Once the customer has notified that it is using its right of cancellation, Cellaviva AB will make a refund without undue delay, but no later than 14 days, provided that Cellaviva AB received the products returned by the customer or if the customer submitted proof of return. The refund is made with the same payment method as the customer used to the extent that it is technically possible. Any impairment deductions and deductions for shipping if the customer has chosen alternative than standard freight may be made on the refund. In that case, orders have been made for invoice not yet paid, the invoice will be shredded. Should you return fewer products than the order included, only the product value of the products returned will be refunded. When using the prepaid return ticket at return, the applicable fee for the return shipping will be deducted from the refund.

Deduction for usage at repurchase If the customer has handled the products more than is necessary to investigate these and the handling caused the products to decrease in value. For example, the value of products may decrease through wear and tear. In these cases, the customer is liable to pay against Cellaviva AB for fair value reduction. A market assessment of the actual depreciation is made by Cellaviva AB in each case. The following deduction levels are only examples of the calculation bases applied when calculating the depreciation. Cellaviva AB's assessment is always based on an overall perspective.

Level 1. - If the product exhibits a slight wear or tear, such as a minor scratch: 0.% in impairment loss
Level 2. - If the product exhibits noticeable wear or deterioration, such as clear repairs or damage: 0.% in impairment loss.
Level 3. -If the product shows damage to the product that affects the product's function: 0.% in impairment loss.
Level 4. - If the product exhibits severe damage to the product and / or severe wear or deterioration of the product: 0.% in impairment loss.
Level 5. - If the product is in such a condition that it is deemed unsuitable or that a repair is not economically justifiable: 0.% in impairment loss.

Damage to product packaging In case the product packaging is missing or exhibits such damage that it can not be reused: 0.% in impairment loss.

Procedure for return Use the contact details below to inform Cellaviva AB that you wish to undo the purchase. The following forms can also be used as a template for cancellation. Link to Refund Form on the Swedish Consumer Agency website.

Contact information:
Cellaviva AB
Hälsovägen 7
Hiss D, Plan 8
141 57 Huddinge
E-mail: order@cellaviva.se
Telephone: 08-735 20 10

Return of Products See §10 Returns below for information regarding return of Products.

§9 Complaints and warranty

Warranty Customer who purchased a product as a private individual is entitled to make a complaint of the product if it is incorrect according to the Consumer Purchase Act (1990: 932) and the Consumer Services Act (1985: 716). The right of complaints covers original defects and is valid for 3 years after the customer has received the product. The right of complains also covers errors that arise during the transport of the product to the customer. (See Damage Claims below). A product that deviates from what has been agreed between the customer and Cellaviva AB or otherwise shows errors can also be considered as incorrect. Errors that arise due to damage caused by the customer are not counted as an error of origin. If the customer make a complaint of an incorrect product after 6 months from the customer's receipt of the product, the customer is also responsible for proving that the product was defect in original. Therefore, Cellaviva AB always recommends investigating products when delivered and address any errors as soon as it is discovered. In the event of complaint of wrong product, you as a customer are primarily entitled to get the product repaired, or receive a new product. In some cases, you also have the right to cancel the contract and recover what you paid. In the event of a complaint, the customer shall be held ineligible for any costs arising from the complaint. For example, costs for returning an incorrect product must be replaced by Cellaviva AB. Note that as a customer, you should minimize any costs incurred in case a product proves to be incorrect. In the event of a complaint, each party shall return without undue delay what it has received, in the event that Cellaviva AB is to undertake re-delivery, the customer is entitled to retain the defective product until it has received delivery of defective product.

Contact information for complaints E-mail: order@cellaviva.se or phone: 08-735 20 10.

Returns To return incorrect products or materials, please see §10 Returns.

 §10 Returns

When returning products or materials to Cellaviva AB, the products must be packaged in such a way that they are protected during transport. Cellaviva AB therefore recommends that you always pack products in the same way and with the same packaging as when the products were delivered to you. In case you pack products in a substandard manner and the product is damaged during transport to Cellaviva AB, you as a customer also bear the responsibility for the damage.

Upon return of products to Cellaviva AB you are responsible for the products reaching Cellaviva AB in undamaged condition. Cellaviva AB recommends that the customer use traceable shipment when returning.

Return address:
Cellaviva AB
Hälsovägen 7
141 57 Huddinge

Return with prepaid return receipt To return products with the prepaid return shipping note, please contact Cellaviva AB. When using a return receipt, you will be charged as a customer with a fee as set out in §3 Prices and fees in these terms and conditions. However, the return fee will not be refunded if a return has been made due to an approved complaint. Cellaviva AB takes the transport risk on return with prepaid return shipping note.

Refunds Cellaviva AB repays the money without unnecessary delay in the use of the right of withdrawal or if a refund has been made in a complaint case.

 §11 Reservation

 Readmission All products are subject to readmission until the customer has fulfilled his obligations arising from this agreement. This means that ownership is transferred to the customer when the customer fulfills its obligations from the agreement. The Customer is thus not entitled to consume, use, sell or otherwise take action before ownership has passed on to the Customer, which prevents the products from being retrieved by Cellaviva AB.

Termination Cellaviva AB reserves the right to terminate the agreement in case the customer acts in bad faith because of errors known to or should have been perceived by the customer, such as incorrect information about price or quantity on the site. In case the cancellation reservation is claimed, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Cellaviva AB.

Change Reservation Cellaviva AB reserves the right to change the content of the website without notice, including, but not limited to, offer, prices and promotions. However, such a change does not affect existing agreements between Cellaviva AB and the customer.

Liability Disclaimer Cellaviva AB shall be deemed to be exempt from all obligations under this agreement of liability due to events occurred outside of this agreement, the business of Cellaviva AB or law.

§12 Disclaimer

Force majeure In the event of government action or failure, new legislation, labor law conflict, war or war danger, greater public order disruption, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstance beyond Cellaviva AB's control and which Cellaviva AB could not reasonably have overcome or foresee, Cellaviva AB shall be entitled to waive its obligations under this Agreement. In such event, Cellaviva AB shall not be liable for damages for damage suffered by the customer.

External links Cellaviva is not responsible for any damages and problems with the customer's software or hardware arising from the customer's use of external links published at https://www.cellaviva.se.

Reservation for price fluctuations or other trade barriers In case of price fluctuations or other barriers to trade, such as lack of the necessary component, where Cellaviva AB can not reasonably be held under its obligations under this agreement, Cellaviva AB has the right to terminate the agreement. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Cellaviva AB.

Reservation for tax and tax Changes Cellaviva AB has the right to cancel the agreement in the event of significant tax or tax changes, which are of major importance to the terms of this agreement. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Cellaviva AB.

Reservation for delivery delay outside Cellaviva AB's Control Should a delivery delay occur due to an event outside Cellaviva AB's control, Cellaviva AB shall not be held liable for damage resulting from such delivery delay. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Cellaviva AB unless otherwise specifically agreed between Cellaviva AB and the customer or provision imposed by compulsory law.

§13 Personal information and privacy

Data such as personal data or other information submitted by the customer to Cellaviva AB will be stored and processed in digital format. Cellaviva AB is responsible for the data being stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The customers personal data will be used by Cellaviva AB to enable and ensure fulfillment of the Agreement.

Responible for personal data:
Cellaviva AB (Org. 556965-8361)
Hälsovägen 7
141 57 Huddinge

Information saved:
 - Name
 - Address
 - E-mailaddress
 - Telephone number
 - Purchase history at Cellaviva 

The information may also be disclosed to third parties, and may be used for the purposes stated below:

 - Acting partner in payment services for the purpose of ensuring fulfillment of the agreement
 - Acting partner in logistics (carrier) for the purpose of ensuring fulfillment of the agreement

Official transcript If you have entered into this agreement as a private individual, you are entitled to request a registry exemption once a year. A registry extract indicates what information is stored about you. You request this by sending a signed request to the above postal address. If the information we have about you is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will of course correct them.

Unregistering of customer information As a customer, you may, at written and signed request, have your customer information at Cellaviva AB deleted, subject to such information as is necessary for Cellaviva AB to maintain good accounting and accounting practices.

§14 Other

Report to the police Cellaviva AB report to the police all frauds, fraud attempts and prank ordering.

Discrepancy between different publications In the event of differences between different publications, the information published the latest and in Swedish has to be considered correct. However, this does not apply to data that is obviously incorrect or misleading when comparing the different publications.

Intellectual Property, Logos and Trademarks All material published on the site, including software, logos, audio files, trademarks, as well as text & image, is intellectual property protected. The protection means that the material may not be used without the permission of the copyright holder, the material may not be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without the express permission of Cellaviva AB. Any violations are reported.

The purpose of the information All information on the website, regardless of format, is published solely for informational purposes for visitors to use the site. Cellaviva AB is not responsible for the consequences or damages that may occur if this information is used for any purpose other than the above.

Cookies Cookies are small files that are saved to the visitor's computer when visiting a website. The site uses the following types of cookie files: Session cookies: “Session cookies” are temporarily stored on the visitor's computer for the purpose of using the website without any problems. When the visitor close his browser, saving session cookies are also deleted. Persistent cookies: "Permanent cookies" are saved on the visitor's computer and are persistent. Persistent cookies are used, among other things, to identify a recurring visitor and sometimes as a basis for statistical programs. Opt-in: On the site you always have the right to choose if cookies are to be saved on your computer as soon as you visit our website. If you choose not to accept this, no permanent cookies will be stored on your computer, but this may cause our website to not work optimally when you visit it.

Dispute Dispute between Cellaviva AB and you as a customer is being tried by the court under compulsory legislation. Cellaviva AB will follow recommendations from The National Board for Consumer Disputes.

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Cellaviva agreement ID 31-04-02, signed between the Mother and Cellaviva and is valid from the child’s birth date.

The agreement is signed by the expectant Mother in two originals which the Mother keeps the complete original in the Information booklet (pages 19-31, ID 40-04-02) while the original in the Client data Collection booklet (pages 10-11, ID 20-04-02) is returned to Cellaviva together with the other documents in the Client data Collection booklet. 

Download the complete agreement regarding collection and storage of stem cells. (pages 19-31 in the Information booklet 40-04-02)


The consent is signed by the expectant Mother in two originals which the Mother keeps the complete original in the Information booklet (pages 10-12, ID 40-04-02) while the original in the Client data Collection booklet (pages 2-4, ID 20-04-02) is returned to Cellaviva together with the other documents in the Client data Collection booklet. 

Download the complete consent regarding collection of stem cells. (pages 10-12 in the Information booklet 40-04-02)