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We want to give every family the possibility to preserve their children’s stem cells. Therefor Cellaviva offers totally transparent costs of stem cell banking, and various payment options to fit this important step into almost every family budget.

Cellaviva Box

The Total Cost Of The Stell Cell Saving Is Divided Into 3 Main Costs

Som kunde hos Cellaviva får du tre stamcelleprodukter

Cellaviva dyrker og isolerer alle stamceller fra navlesnoren for at garantere levedygtighed hos cellerne og vi kender dermed også antallet af nedfrossede celler. Denne proces er af højeste kvalitet. Processen er tidskrævende og omkostningsfuld.

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Overkommelig og fair betaling

Hos Cellaviva behøver du ikke at tømme din opsparing for at betale for famlieopbevaring af stamceller. Ingen forudbetaling på opsamling og opbevaring. Du betaler kun for den reelle opbevaringsperiode.

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Dette får du, når du bestiller opsamling og opbevaring af dit barns stamceller fra navlesnoren

Ring og bestil

Kontakte Cellavivas kundeservice på telefon: 89 88 02 88
Ved akut bestilling ring Cellavivas hotline på 89 88 23 57

1Order Cellaviva Box

Included in the collection & analysis fee

The Cellaviva box includes all the equipment needed for the collection of the stem cells from your newborn child. Along with the box you’ll receive information and instructions concerning the collection of the stem cells.

The Cellaviva box will be delivered within 5 days from the completion of the order. Please bring the box to the hospital when it’s time to give birth.

If you are expecting twins, please contact Cellaviva.

2Collection & Analysis Pricing

The collection of the stem cells is done immediately after the birth of the child. When the collection is finalized the cells, blood sample from the mother and signed documentation is placed in the Cellaviva box.  Then the parents or the medical staff need to call Cellaviva and the Cellaviva staff will book the courier transport to the laboratory.

You can choose to collect and analyse only the cord tissue or both cord tissue and cord blood. The price will change accordingly
16 900 kr


Select a Payment Option

After the child is born and the umbilical cord is cut, the accompanying person or even the mother may cut a piece of the umbilical cord. The procedure is easy, the Cellaviva box contains instructions. You can also choose to collect the cord blood that remains in the umbilical cord and the placenta. The blood is collected with a blood bag and requires healthcare professionals. Cellaviva offers collection assistance by our own staff in certain areas, we will then come to the hospital and take care of the collection. We recommend this option as collections made by our trained personnel often result in a greater volume collected.

You can get help from our healthcare personnel (currently offered around Stockholm and southern Sweden) or choose to do the collection yourself, illustrated instruction is included in the box. You can also choose to ask the delivery staff at the hospital to assist you with the collection, but note that there is no guarantee that they will say yes. The price will change according to your choice.

6 000 kr


Sample collected by yourself is free
Price for our staff to be present during the birth

3Storage & Subscription Plan


Protect and store your baby’s new born stem cells

Once the stem cells have been analyzed, they are frozen in liquid nitrogen in your family's private vault in Cellavivas biobank.

100 kr/


translation missing: en.Price for the storage of both samples

Payment Summary

Join the Cellaviva Family

Included in the processing fee
Family saving of stem cells:
/Månad för months

More Ways to Save

Prepay & Save

The storage fee is usually paid on a monthly basis but we also offer the possibility to pay up-front with a discount. Choosing this option will also prevent you from future price increases.

Sibling Discount

We'd love to help you save the stem cells from all your children. Families who have already saved their child's stem cells in our biobank are offered a discount if they choose to save stem cells with us, when their family grows.

Referral Program

Are you ready to share the advantages of saving stem cells with your family and friends? By recommending Cellaviva you will both get a discount on the storage fee.


Give your grandchild the gift that can be valuable when they grow up.