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With great pleasure and in proud partnership with Baby Journey, we have the chance to share the knowledge about and an opportunity that is offered once in a lifetime – save stem cells in connection with childbirth, when the cells are most powerful.

After the umbilical cord is clamped, the remaining afterbirth contains stem cells, the same stem cells that help your baby develop organs, blood, tissue and an immune system during pregnancy.

With offer essentially unlimited applications in therapeutic treatment and are used today to treat several deadly diseases, such as blood cancer and immune system diseases.

By saving the newborn baby’s stem cells, serious illnesses can be treated and waiting time shortened in the event of a critical illness, as matching stem cells are already available for use for the child and its family.

Together with Baby Journey we give you all the facts you need!

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The baby’s journey

There are more than 10.000 billion cells in an adult body. All have been formed from a single stem cell – the fertilized egg. Every part of the human body contains stem cells, but they age in the same pace as our bodies.

The umbilical cord and cord blood are two of the richest sources of stem cells in the human body. Previously, bone marrow was the only source of stem cells in transplantation. In comparison with bone marrow stem cells, umbilical cord blood stem cells are more immature and have a greater adaptability. This means that umbilical cord blood is less likely to cause complications during transplantation.

When your baby is born we help you to preserve what is left.

No matter how long you wish to wait for cutting the cord, you can always save the stem cells that are isolated from a piece of umbilical cord tissue. The umbilical cord have no function for neither the mother or the baby when it has been cut, choose to save them as a biological back-up instead of having them thrown away.

In the baby journey podcast we shed a light on every aspect of saving the newborn’s stem cells.


The goal is to develop new ways of treating the incurable diseases of today

Extensive stem cell research is being conducted worldwide. We ourselves run several clinical studies with the goal of treating type 1 diabetes and Covid-19 with umbilical cord stem cells. In addition to the 80 deadly diseases that are already treated with stem cells today, there is a large and growing range of new experimental treatments. There are currently more than 2.500 * clinical trials worldwide with experimental treatments for diseases and conditions such as cancer, diabetes, autism, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS and many more.

Listen to our podcast and learn even more about the benefits of saving stem cells.



The stem cell pod by Baby Journey