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At Cellaviva, we do everything we can to provide the service we dream of receiving, and it’s important to us that our customers see it as a positive experience to involve us as their family grows.

That’s why we are particularly honored and deeply touched when our clients come back to us and tell us how they experienced our presence and service during the birth of their child.


Client Stories

My mother is adopted from Korea, probably with Korean mother and African-American father. My father is of Jewish descent from Austria – this means it would be almost impossible to find a suitable donor. Read the full story “A once in a lifetime chance!”


…with that information, I can not say no to such a possibility again… Therefore, we have made the decision to have stem cells collected again from our future daughter, because we have a history from both our families with cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Read the full story “The best child saving ever!”

Christina Solander

When I was pregnant with Elliana, we made the decision to get her stem cells collected and stored. We believe that it’s the best investment for ones child. Therefore we… Read the full story “We believe that it’s the best investment for ones child”

Diana Amedovska

Why did I, as a future grandfather, choose to give my daughter and my son-in-law a stem cell collection / storage via Cellaviva Denmark? The answer for me is relatively… Read the full story “Why I chose to give a stem cell collection / storage via Cellaviva Denmark?”

Claus Klarup

I believe that stem cell research is in rapid development and that stem cells can be used for much more than we already do today. Read the full story “Stem cells are a great insurance that is stored”

Susanne K

Here's what customers say about us

The warmest recommendations from me. We have chosen to have stem cells collected here for our third child. I’m just sorry we didn’t get it done for the other two!

Lea Hvidt Kessler
We have just been SO happy with the whole process with Cellaviva. Before my birth, Henriette was lightning fast to answer messages, with the many questions you as a pregnant

Julie Schwærter
I have secured my child’s stem cells because it is a small investment that can provide a great return for my family in the future. 1000 thanks to Mianne who

Jelena Vitorovic
When we compared different options, it was clear to us that Cellaviva has the best quality in their treatment of the stem cells in the laboratory and it was important

Signe Panell
The warmest recommendations to Cellaviva and the most wonderful midwives Mianne and Henriette, who in addition to collecting the planned stem cells, had to step in and receive our little

Kristina Hadei
We had our daughter’s stem cells collected at her birth and we give our warmest recommendations to Cellaviva. Cellaviva has been professional throughout the process and helped us make our

Ane Borch
Here, a week after the birth, a nice thought that we have chosen Cellaviva, as a kind of health insurance for our new little family ❤️  Found out about their

Hediye Arslan
We are very happy that we have chosen Cellaviva, the service is absolutely fantastic and we had the best midwife with us for both our children’s births ❤️ It gives

Emilie Sandberg
Thank you for assistance, calmness, professionalism, respect, and love. We were in the best hands during the whole process, collecting stem cells for our new absolutely wonderful bass Thank you

Michelle Kürstein
We simply had the best experience! We first heard about Cellaviva for an event in BabySam, where Henriette and Mianne were out and told a little about how the birth

Kathrine Bay Villekjær Nielsen

The best recommendations of cellaviva and midwife Mianne. Professional and warm cooperation before, during and after the

Peter Fischer Nielsen
The warmest recommendations from us ❤️ we got our daughter’s stem cells collected at birth August 2020 💝 I was giving birth a second time. My boyfriend called Cellaviva while

Suki Suwan
It’s difficult to describe exactly how INCREDIBLY grateful we actually are for having chosen Cellaviva. Not only do we feel that we have secured our little new family with this huge gift,

Michelle Hart
For the second time, Cellaviva has helped us save our children’s most precious gold – their stem cells from the umbilical cord and the placenta! We where able to have

Christina Solander

I was very happy with the service, the midwife was there on time and they had a lot of patience. They are very professional, I recommend

Iaroi Izabela