The best child saving ever!

The word holistic to me means to be a whole.

When we get sick, the whole may get a small scratch on the surface that needs to be healed, it can be done with medication that often causes side effects and other symptoms. With our own stem cells which have been collected from birth, several studies have shown that the healthy cells break down the sick, and therefore diseases cure in a natural way, namely with our own stem cells, I believe this is the future! At least I think it’s the best child savings for my kids that I can give them!


For me it is extremely important that my babies get all the umbilical cord blood they need, and that the cord gets cut as late as possible

The remaining blood from the umbilical cord is golden drops that can help them in their lives. If you do not know this and are not informed about it, it is not possible to make the choice. When the placenta is born and the umbilical cord has finished pulsing, the placenta is basically done with its work, BUT then the hospital throw out the amazing placenta? So why not get stem cells collected that can be used for more than 80 diseases; such as cancer and Alzheimer’s! With that information, I can not say no to such a possibility again… Therefore, we have made the decision to have stem cells collected again from our future daughter, because we have a history in both our families with cancer, and Alzheimer’s.


We believe that the future is to cure diseases with our own resources and that drugs should only be used in emergencies because there is more evidence that our bodies can heal themselves.

If we e.g. cuts us on a knife and leaves the wound alone, the wound will repair itself with cells that the body itself produces. But if we peel, mess and rake in it, the healing will take longer, and give a bigger scar. I personally believe that if we gain more confidence in our own resources and what our bodies are capable of, then we will live a better and longer life. Therefore, I would like to give my children this opportunity and I would like to inform as many as possible about this knowledge.


Christina Solander

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