We believe that it’s the best investment for ones child


When I was pregnant with Elliana, we made the decision to get her stem cells collected and stored. We believe that it’s the best investment for ones child. Therefore we choose to give our third baby the same gift, it can save lives. Although we hope they’ll never need to use them. Stem cells can cure 80 deadly diseases and the progress continues. We’ve been very pleased with our experience with @cellavivadanmark. Their midwife Mianne visited us and answered all the questions we might have had. They left a great impression on me, when we called the number on box at 1.30 am , and the @cellavivadanmark midwife stood at the hospital Very professional and helpful, waiting for us. They do a terrific job and I think You should go and visit Cellaviva.DK and read more about them. We recommend all of our friends and couples that are pregnant to give their child the same gift ❤️

Diana Amedovska

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