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NextCell continuous to strengthen development and collaborative activities

Cellaviva Sverige - March 22, 2019 - 0 comments

NextCell Pharma AB (“NextCell”) announces today, that during the last few months the company has engaged in an array of valuable activities and collaborations.

NextCell is active in the “SweLife ATMP health economics and business models” project led by RISE and the “Visions Driven Health” project, both funded by Vinnova. The work conducted in the projects is a collaborative effort between different types of stakeholders, such as SMEs, big pharma and county councils, all with the common goal of improving the Swedish conditions for innovative cell therapies.

The latest development is that NextCell has just been awarded a Vinnova grant, in order to further develop its IP-strategy, the project is named “Creation of an IP-strategy for an innovative stem cell company”. The 100 000 SEK grant will be used to contract Valea, a highly respected Intellectual Property firm, to assist NextCell in refining the company’s IP-strategy for the future.

“These activities strengthen NextCells network and empowers us to have an impact on the Life Science space in Sweden”, says CEO, Mathias Svahn.

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