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New collaboration and increased digital presence – Cellaviva is gearing for growth

Cellaviva Sverige - June 20, 2019 - 0 comments

NextCell Pharma AB (“NextCell”) today announces that they, via its biobank Cellaviva, have entered into a partnership with Bonzun Health Information AB (“Bonzun”), who are providing the first global health app for pregnant women.

Bonzun has launched the first virtual midwife for pregnant women which can be downloaded in Appstores under the name Bonzun Pregnant. The app is currently available in 79 countries worldwide under the name Bonzun and in Sweden under the name Min Graviditet.

The collaboration has been entered into with the common goal of strengthening the work of sharing knowledge and to provide information and support to prospective parents during pregnancy, in order to promote health and save lives. CEO Bonnie Roupé founded Bonzun in 2012. The service was developed in collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Midwifery Association and has since been downloaded over 2 million times. In the app, you follow your pregnancy and what is happening in the body, from the first few weeks until after giving birth. It can be compared with a virtual midwife and provides information week by week about what changes one can expect as a pregnant woman. With the collaboration, prospective parents can now be properly informed about Cellaviva’s family saving of stem cells and its benefits.

“Being pregnant is very normal for hmans, but to the individual nothing about a pregnancy is normal. Over the past 300 years, this problem has been dealt with in Sweden by making regular visits to a midwife, but I think it is an outdated way of looking at healthcare. As a worried prospective parent, one wants to find out things at once and not be referred to the opening hours of maternity care centers,” says Bonnie Roupé, founder of Bonzun.

“The high ambitions we have for Cellaviva are definitely matched by Bonzun and Min Graviditet, who have support from the WHO, and UNICEF. Pregnant parents’ knowledge of stem cells in Sweden is minimal and innovative solutions are needed to nurture and develop our strong brand and offering, this is true milestone.” Says Sofie Falk Jansson, Marketing Manager for Cellaviva.

Today’s parents are digital, connected and strive to be well-informed, the collaboration with Bonzun and Min Graviditet is a natural step in Cellaviva’s strategy to be seen among Sweden’s pregnant women along with scientifically substantiated content. Bonzun has received several awards, including “Top pregnancy app” by Baby London and the Sun and “Top health app” by Bayer.

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