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Cellaviva Sverige - November 22, 2019 - 0 comments

NextCell Pharma AB (“NextCell”) announces that it is chosen as one of the collaborators in the newly Vinnova funded project Vision-driven Health: Sweden a leader in advanced therapies in 2030.

Vinnova is investing in establishing five vision-driven innovation environments to meet important health challenges. These include zero vision for malnutrition in the elderly, elimination of cancer as a cause of death and counteracting antibiotic resistance.

NextCell is participating in one of the approved five projects: Sweden a leader in advanced therapies in 2030. This project which is coordinated by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) aims to create an environment which allows for Sweden to become a world leader in the development and availability of advanced therapies such as gene and cell therapy to cure/treat patients, by collaborating across sectors and driving activities aimed at solving challenges that hinder development. The initial duration of the project is 5 years, but the ambition is longer term.

Besides RISE and NextCell the project partnership involves university hospitals, authorities, big pharma and a few Swedish SMEs. For NextCell this project means that the company yet again will be able to actively collaborate and network with stakeholders at the highest level, thus really being able to create an impact on the Swedish healthcare environment.

Official publication from Vinnova: Link

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